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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hotmail: attachments up to 50MB, better organization, and much more…


  • One of the biggest changes is with file attachments. Hotmail can now handle up to 200 pictures or Office documents of up to 50MB each in a single message (GMail can only handle messages up to 25MB) -- the result of integrating Hotmail with SkyDrive.
  • Hotmail has also added inline thumbnail previews and offers a slick, built-in slideshow viewer.
  • Office Web Apps have also been integrated, so if you receive an Excel, PowerPoint, or Word attachment you can open it right in the appropriate web app and make changes.
  • You can now create multiple nested subfolders.


  • Hotmail has a preview pane. Split your view horizontally or vertically and read the full text without having to leave your inbox -- just like Outlook.


  • Hotmail can also now preview content from certain sites like LinkedIn, Hulu, and YouTube right in your reading pane.

There's a massive list of changes and new features over at The Windows Blog -- check it out for more details about what's new.


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