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Friday, August 28, 2009

Unable to choose between Google and Bing?

That's ok; these three mashups

:- { “Bing & Google”  “Bingle”  “Bing vs. Google” }

display results from both search engines in handy side-by-side frames. If you want to spend some time figuring out which engine you really prefer, one of these mashups is a good place to start. The premise of these sites is simple.

Two search engines, one search box, results side-by-side:

Yahoo Upgrades Mail, Messenger, and Search

Yahoo Mail users are getting 25MB attachment limits and easier photo uploading, a new Messenger beta allows for full-screen video chat and social network link-ins, and searchers will get refinement and analytic results.

The big thing that everyone will find use for is an increase in Yahoo Mail's attachment size limits from 10 to 25MB. Multiple photos and images can now be selected for upload, and rotated and previewed before they're sent.

Download:- Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta

Video Chat Directly from iGoogle

Earlier this year Google added the chat sidebar to iGoogle, which gave you Gmail-style chat in your iGoogle start page. Now they've expanded the chat functionality to include video chat right from the main iGoogle interface.

If you already downloaded the video-chat plug-in when it was released for Gtalk in Gmail, then you're already set. If you haven't done so yet, you'll need to download the plug-in here.

Once you have the plug-in installed whenever you are talking with another person using iGoogle, GTalk, or supported third-party clients or mobile phones, you'll be able to start a video chat with them directly form iGoogle.