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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rejoice for the fan of XP

Xp has got a new and rather long lease of life until 2014. Thsi seemed unlikely till recently till recently, as Microsoft seemed hell-bent on following the earlier plan of going with support for only one single OS.
According to the roadmap for introducing a new iteration of windows, XP was supposed to be phased out by the mid-2008. As an OS from Microsoft, XP had proved to be the most stable, most useful and best to have ever come out of redmond. when Microsoft announced work on Vista, enterprises and private customers expected a better product. However, VISTA turned out to be a disaster. it was pretty to look at , but demanded insane hardware spaces for what it did. to rub salt in users' wounds also plagued by compatibility issues and security threats. The fiasco with vista has now led to a popular term called "Vistaster".
Microsoft suffered a big blow, because despite its ubiquity(The state of being everywhere at once) in the personal computing space, the enterprise segment with volume licensing and long software deals was essential what brought home the bacon. Business were edgy because they feared non-existent support for XP would affect their operations while Microsoft feared that it would lose its customers to Linux or Apple, whosse stock was rising. the masses were also rising, with an internet petition collecting hundreds of thousends of signatures as the doomsday clock ticket.Meanwhile people choose to swim towards the the drowning ship, opting to downgrade from thier vista to xp. In the booming UMPC Segment, XP was not optional, but also essential for Microsoft to get the slice of the pic, as machines like the EeePC did not have the horsepower to run Vista. Microsoft was, for a change, facing competition, not from others, but from an older product of its own.
For a while, it seemed that Microsoft was determined to buck popular opinion and business logic. All the big guys at the top, especially CEO Steve Ballmer proclaimed the end of XP would come to june 30. things looked unchangeable and seemed to be inscribed in stone. As the whole world crossed its collective finger and hoped that Microsoft would not shoot itself in the foot, the company finally read the writing on the wall. the recent move to support XP, means that even though Microsoft would not want to dump vista, they would be forced to let it die a slow death. As it is, the company is engaged in development of a new operating system windows 7, whice is scheduled to be released in 2010. Microsoft hopes to learn from the mistake it made in vista, and so far, the scene looks encouraging. Things would really be bad if microsoft had to extend the licence of XP a second time.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Genuine Microsoft Software

Software developers are fighting back with the new copy protection mechanisms like holograms on disks, online product activation, and validation. Microsoft’s copy –protection schemes for windows and office are called Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) & Office Genuine Advantage (OGA), respectively. You will encounter WGA/OGA notification as you try to install or update any Microsoft Software. WGA not only checks piracy but also offers some benefits to consumers also.

For Microsoft windows
To put in simple terms, Windows Genuine Advantages is Microsoft’s anti-piracy program and a method to authenticate copies of Microsoft software used on computers around the world. The authentication is facilitated by simple online validation procedure.
Before Windows XP Service Pack 2 came along, validation was optional. But if you have updated your windows to SP2, then you will be frequently reminded to validate your copy of windows. A module of WGA notification is responsible for these reminders; this module is installed as one of the WINDOWS Update.

For Microsoft Office
Two months after the Windows Genuine Advantage program was launched, Microsoft announced office Genuine Advantage (OGA). Those using Microsoft Office will be prompted to validate their copies when they try to update the software or while downloading clip arts and templates from the Microsoft Site.
If you want to validate your Copy of office, go to the website

"Silverlight" A Closer Look

On April 15th ,Microsoft unveiled Silverlight at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters coneference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Silverlight ?Here's what Microsoft says:-

"Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of Microsoft .NET-based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web"

what this means is:-

1:-A pluggable browser component that will be the key to the power on the client side.

2:-XAML based rendering of interactive 2D and 3D graphics.

3:-Interactive media delivery based on XAML and AJAX.

4:-Powerful programming model based on AJAX with ability to harness the power of
the managed .Net runtime.

5:-Closer to a more desktop like experience even for web applications. Technically,
the Rich Interactive Application experience.

6:-Better UI designing capability, integrated with the .Net development environment
( Visual Studio .Net + Expression).

7:-All the power of .Net code can be harnessed inside the browser which gives rise
to endless possibilities for the developer.
------ ------ ------- -------- ------- ------- ----- ------ ----- ------ ----- -----
web 2.0 is a great concept as far as i know about it. but when we talk about Silverlight it has some advantages over Flash(web 2.0) .Though Silverlight is not so

popular as web 2.0 because it is newer to the Market. But the performance impact is more than others like Flash and "DHTML & AJAX".

comparison between silverlight & flash(web 2.0)

1:-Browser Compatibility are same in both cases.
( these are compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, and other Popular Browsers).
2:-Study Efforts are same i.e. Normal in both cases.
3:-Client Performance is highest in both cases.
4:-The Designer Tools used in Flash are Flash CS3 PhotoShop CS3 and in Silverlight
Designer Tools used are Blend, Expression Designer.

Advantages Over Flash

1:-In case of Network performance Silverlight take advantages over Web 2.0

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