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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gmail homepage makeover

Gmail If you visited the Gmail log-in page recently, you may have noticed that things looked a wee bit different. Gmail Team decided to give the page a bit of a facelift and updated a few of Gmail’s other pages. Also they cut out over 250 words in the process.


Here’s a before & after of the log-in page:

Gmail Team also updated the Gmail logo, brightening the colors and making it more in line with the latest Google logo:

Gmail gets a new logo, slimmer homepage

Twitter: Instant Notifications


Whenever an account that you follow mentions you, you’ll immediately receive a notification. You’ll know who is talking to or about you on Twitter, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation in real-time. Notifications for @mentions will initially be available on SMS.


To turn on SMS notifications, go to and check the boxes under “Text message notifications”. You can change your notifications settings at any time. For example, text “set mentions all’ to turn on notifications for @mentions from everyone, rather than just those whom you follow, and ‘set mentions off’ to turn off @mentions notifications.

Yahoo outs Messenger 11 beta with loads of new features


Yahoo! Messenger remains one of the most popular desktop IM clients around, and its users are now able to get a taste of what's coming in version 11.


  • One of the biggest additions is Facebook chat support -- which works nicely.
  • Twitter support has been added.
  • Messenger 11 also offers write-once-post-everywhere updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Pulse.
  • More social gaming options have been added, and will soon include Zynga's Mafia Wars and Fishville.
  • Yahoo! Messenger 11 also allows multiple sign-ins, so you won't get disconnected from your desktop if you sign in on your mobile device.
  • Yahoo! Messenger for Android will be updated soon with better video chat support.


Download Yahoo! Messenger 11 beta for Windows

Yahoo! rolling out Google Instant-like previews



Yahoo's new Rich Search Assist will provide some new functionality to its users. It's a bit like Google Suggest meets Google Instant Previews.

Yahoo's contextual customizations still appear in the previews. Rich Search assist is currently only available to a small number of testers, but it should be rolling out to all Yahoo! users in the very near future.

Voogle brings Google Voice to webOS


Voogle supports all the important Google Voice features. You can make voice calls, send text messages, playing recorded calls, and check voice mail. If you so desire, you can even use Voogle to replace your carrier's built-in voicemail with your own from Google Voice. Future plans include the addition of MMS support and real-time notifications.

Voogle: [via PreCentral]

Oracle Announces Release Date for Java 7

java_logo_oct10.jpgOracle announced that the Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 will be generally available on July 28, 2011. The company submitted the specs for Java 7 and 8 to the Java Community Process Executive Committee for approval.


According to Java Chief architect Mark Reinhold's blog, the "results should be available in two weeks." However, as we reported recently, the Apache Software Foundation is threatening to vote against the approval of Java 7.

Facebook Comprises Nearly 25% of Page Views in the US


Facebook's domination of the Internet continues, as evidenced by numbers released today by Experian Hitwise today that find Facebook accounting for nearly 1 in 4 page views in the United States.


In March the intelligence company found that visits to Facebook had surpassed those to Google. And since then, Facebook's growth has continued.


Happy 25th birthday, Windows!


25 years ago today, Microsoft released the very first version of the operating system which now powers around 90% of the personal computers in the world.


How to Migrate from TextMate to VIM


Mac VIM Developer Daniel Fischer wrote a VIM tutorial for TextMate users. Fischer, a long time TextMate user, decided it was time to make the jump to a more advanced editor. Fischer wanted to take advantage VIM features like split-windows, and the many plugins available.

VIM screenshot


What the tutorial covers:

  • Installing MacVim
  • Creating Your Own Icon
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Split Windows
  • Shortcuts
  • Gotchas