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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chrome Dual View Lets You Split Chrome in Two


Whether you want to split the screen to compare two things side by side or to take advantage of your expansive widescreen monitor, the dual view bookmarklet splits your web browser in two.

We've covered a few ways you can split up your screen real estate and make the most of it, including Firefox extension Split Browser and the Windows app WinSplitRevolution. Chrome Dual View is a simple bookmarklet which lets you split the browsing window of any modern browser with Java script support into two panes. When you run the bookmarklet, it prompts you for the URL you want to appear on each side, and then loads them side by side. Chrome Dual View works with—thanks for the extra testing, readers!—IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari among other browsers with Java script support.

Chrome Dual View :-Drag this link to  your Crome Bookmark area.

Email 'n Walk Lets You Multitask Without Getting Hit By a Car




iPhone only: Email n' Walk overlays an email composition window on top of the view from your iPhone's camera, so you can type out an email and watch where you're going.

Insane? Ridiculous? Of course. It also kind of works. And while we don't recommend putting your life in the hands of your iPhone's camera, it's a clever idea. Though I can't imagine actually using it for its intended purpose, I can imagine using it to do a little spying while I'm sitting down and typing out an email. When you finish composing an email in Email 'n Walk, hitting send will open up a proper email window in Mail so you can choose your recipient and send it. Email 'n Walk is a free, iPhone-only download for a limited time from the iTunes App Store.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A "Mood Lamp " That Can Read Minds

A technology called “functional MRI” or fMRI can see what is happening inside someone’s brain when they are thinking specific thoughts. The Psyleron Mind Lamp is a fun way that explores an application of this technology.


Researchers at Princeton University developed the Lamp, and claim that the Mind Lamp changes color due to “electron tunneling”, a quantum-level phenomenon that directs the lamp to change the lamp color.
The lamp has a microprocessor that checks for statistical patterns that adjust the red, green, blue and white color balances on the body of the unit.

By:- Amit Samantaray

Liquid Solar Array Power Generator

liquid-solar-array-power-generator This new solar technology (LSA) promises to produce electricity at a comparable cost to fossil fuel generators.
Each LSA panel has a tiny area of silicon photovoltaic cells on the water’s surface with a large rotating plastic focusing-lens above, which tracks the sun. According to the technology’s developers, Sunengy, the water plays an important role in cooling the silicon cells.
The lens can also be submerged when rotated fully to protect it during stormy weather and high winds, in particular. At 2mm thick, the lens may appear flimsy but is robust enough to survive winds of more than 100mph due to its unique method of using water, as part of the structure, to protect it.
The water has another use, too. Coated in a special self-cleaning surface, the lens can be washed of dust or salt simply by dunking it, via its sun-tracking mechanism, into the drink.


By:- Amit Samantaray

The Springtail Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle

A company called Trek Aerospace has developed the Springtail Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle, a single pilot, vertical take-off-and-landing helicopter-type aircraft.
The craft supports the pilot in a standing position and is powered by a 118 hp rotary engine which drives two counter-rotating fans.
The Springtail is controlled by a computer system that can tilt each fan individually to control pitch and yaw. It has a top speed of 113 mph and a range of 184 miles. The retail price is $1.25 million USD.


By:- Amit Samantaray

Storing a Lightning Bolt in a Piece of Glass

Penn State University Researchers have discovered glass with the highest ability to storing-a-lightning-bolt-in-a-piece-of-glassstore energy ever developed. This type of glass would make an ideal candidate for high energy density storage capacitors to power more efficient electric vehicles.

The glass is a barium boroaluminosilicate glass, which is produced in large quantities for flat panel displays and electronics packaging. One of the factors that makes this glass ideal is its nearly defect-free quality. This discovery opens a potentially new market for glass. Ideally, manufacturing processes will get to a point where they can make any size sheet they need for any size capacitor.
Engineering challenges still remain as they scale up from the small sizes to those ready for commercial production.

By:- Amit Samantaray

Flexible, Extremely Thin Loudspeakers

Extremely flat, flexible loudspeakers have been designed by Warwick Audio Technologies. They bend easily, they could adapt to whatever space they're being installed in. lg_flexible-extremely-thin-loudspeakers
Conventional stereo speakers use vibrating electromagnetic drivers to produce sound, whereas these speakers operate using a flexible laminate composed of a series of conducting and insulating materials. The laminate vibrates when an electrical audio signal is introduced and the speakers create a directional sound wave based on the audio signal.
Warwick also says that the technology is easy and inexpensive to manufacture.

By:- Amit Samantaray

Two-Seater Folding Helicopter


lg_two-seater-folding-helicopter The Hummel is a two passenger lightweight helicopter that has a fully enclosed cabin and tandem rotors which offer the same stability as a conventional helicopter.
When you're done flying it folds into a box shape for easy storage and transportation.
This new helicopter design has many potential applications including air taxi, emergency services, coast guard, police, army and personal transport and recreation.

By:- Amit Samantaray

Air-Conditioned Bed


air-conditioned-bed Kuchofuku and Itochu have developed a mattress with a built-in air conditioning system.
A fan located at the foot of the mattress pulls in air from behind the sleeper's head drawing off body heat, and transporting it out of the bed.
According to the makers, operating the mattress for eight hours results in about 13 cents in monthly electricity costs, which is way less than using an air conditioner that cools an entire room. The best part is that the mattress can be used in winter as well, as buyers get a heater with the mattress.
Running eight hours a day, the system will generate only about 13 yen in — much cheaper than using an air conditioner to cool an entire bedroom. The mattress goes on sale in May in Japan in May and costs $300.lg_air-conditioned-bed

By:- Amit Samantaray

Fast Color-Changing Liquid May Lead to Better Sunglasses

Researchers in Japan have developed a "photochromic" material that changes color thousands of times faster than conventional materials when exposed to light. fast-color-changing-liquid-may-lead-to-better-sunglasses
This development could lead to a wide range of new products including improved sunglasses, more powerful computers, dynamic holograms, and better medicines.
The unique photochromic material shows instantaneous coloration upon exposure to ultraviolet light and its disappearance happens within the same short period when the light is turned off. The material is also more stable and longer-lasting.

By:- Amit Samantaray

World's Fastest Camera To Diagnose Disease


world-s-fastest-camera-to-diagnose-diseaseA team of engineers from UCLA has announced the development of a continuously running imaging technology that can operate 1,000 times faster than the fastest cameras available today.
Unlike traditional cameras, the new technology does not use CCD or CMOS devices to capture the image, but uses a novel fiber optic approach.
An ultrafast camera such as this could have applications in the medical domains, as they can reveal how biological processes work on a cellular level, as well as allow development of new diagnostic cellular analysis techniques.


By:- Amit Samantaray

2Sibling Vehicle

2sibling-car-concept1The 2Sibling is a vehicle that is able to become two. This innovative idea attaches the two siblings to each other in a back to back position in a way the allows only one of them to move ahead, while the other one remains neutralized and being pulled by the previous one. In this way, the 2Sibling can be used as a vehicle for 2 persons or as two tiny vehicles for city use, or as a vehicle of all-terrain. This 2Sibling vehicle will provide sheer fun to the riders of the city car and give a multipurpose solution for many people efficiently. 

2sibling-car-concept3 2sibling-car-concept2

By:- Amit Samantaray

Futuristic eMX Car Concept by RSM Design


emx-car-concept1 emx-car-concept8
emx-car-concept4  emx-car-concept7

Renault Samsung Motors (RSM) has exposed their futuristic eMX car concept. eMX stands for eco Motoring eXperience, which is based on the platform of Renault M├ęgane and is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine along with some other solutions to improve the fuel efficiency. The main feature of the design includes detailed soft curves and graphics which is inspired by the nature and are intended at expressing an eco-friendly sense and cutting-edge technology. The organic and smooth curves of this concept car explores a new design technology that may adopt the company’s other small cars in future.

By:- Amit Samantaray

Fuel Cell Scooter Concept by Chengli Hung

By:- Amit Samantaray

fuel-cell-scooter-concept1This scooter bike powered with fuel-cell has the potential to present a better future private transportation vehicle which features better usage, less pollution, more fun and more freedom. This is a small scooter but have a large integrated storage area and an optional storage compartment in the mid-section of the scooter. The flexible steering handlebar allows the scooter to transform into a more potent motorbike for higher speeds which improves the aerodynamics of this vehicle and brings more pleasure of riding. The front wheel is bigger than the rear one and features high performance hydraulic breaks and heavy duty suspensions.  fuel-cell-scooter-concept8