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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Air-Conditioned Bed


air-conditioned-bed Kuchofuku and Itochu have developed a mattress with a built-in air conditioning system.
A fan located at the foot of the mattress pulls in air from behind the sleeper's head drawing off body heat, and transporting it out of the bed.
According to the makers, operating the mattress for eight hours results in about 13 cents in monthly electricity costs, which is way less than using an air conditioner that cools an entire room. The best part is that the mattress can be used in winter as well, as buyers get a heater with the mattress.
Running eight hours a day, the system will generate only about 13 yen in — much cheaper than using an air conditioner to cool an entire bedroom. The mattress goes on sale in May in Japan in May and costs $300.lg_air-conditioned-bed

By:- Amit Samantaray


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