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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Liquid Solar Array Power Generator

liquid-solar-array-power-generator This new solar technology (LSA) promises to produce electricity at a comparable cost to fossil fuel generators.
Each LSA panel has a tiny area of silicon photovoltaic cells on the water’s surface with a large rotating plastic focusing-lens above, which tracks the sun. According to the technology’s developers, Sunengy, the water plays an important role in cooling the silicon cells.
The lens can also be submerged when rotated fully to protect it during stormy weather and high winds, in particular. At 2mm thick, the lens may appear flimsy but is robust enough to survive winds of more than 100mph due to its unique method of using water, as part of the structure, to protect it.
The water has another use, too. Coated in a special self-cleaning surface, the lens can be washed of dust or salt simply by dunking it, via its sun-tracking mechanism, into the drink.


By:- Amit Samantaray


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