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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Storing a Lightning Bolt in a Piece of Glass

Penn State University Researchers have discovered glass with the highest ability to storing-a-lightning-bolt-in-a-piece-of-glassstore energy ever developed. This type of glass would make an ideal candidate for high energy density storage capacitors to power more efficient electric vehicles.

The glass is a barium boroaluminosilicate glass, which is produced in large quantities for flat panel displays and electronics packaging. One of the factors that makes this glass ideal is its nearly defect-free quality. This discovery opens a potentially new market for glass. Ideally, manufacturing processes will get to a point where they can make any size sheet they need for any size capacitor.
Engineering challenges still remain as they scale up from the small sizes to those ready for commercial production.

By:- Amit Samantaray


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