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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Genuine Microsoft Software

Software developers are fighting back with the new copy protection mechanisms like holograms on disks, online product activation, and validation. Microsoft’s copy –protection schemes for windows and office are called Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) & Office Genuine Advantage (OGA), respectively. You will encounter WGA/OGA notification as you try to install or update any Microsoft Software. WGA not only checks piracy but also offers some benefits to consumers also.

For Microsoft windows
To put in simple terms, Windows Genuine Advantages is Microsoft’s anti-piracy program and a method to authenticate copies of Microsoft software used on computers around the world. The authentication is facilitated by simple online validation procedure.
Before Windows XP Service Pack 2 came along, validation was optional. But if you have updated your windows to SP2, then you will be frequently reminded to validate your copy of windows. A module of WGA notification is responsible for these reminders; this module is installed as one of the WINDOWS Update.

For Microsoft Office
Two months after the Windows Genuine Advantage program was launched, Microsoft announced office Genuine Advantage (OGA). Those using Microsoft Office will be prompted to validate their copies when they try to update the software or while downloading clip arts and templates from the Microsoft Site.
If you want to validate your Copy of office, go to the website


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