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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Introducing Google Ad Innovations

The principle behind the advertising products Google build is : ads are information. But the typeUntitled-1 of information that ads provide is getting more wider and imaginative all the time, and as a result ads are getting more interesting, social and useful.


As advertising evolves, Google want to build the tools that make it possible for marketers to connect with customers in meaningful, creative ways. They found that the best way to do that is to focus on the user, test new approaches regularly and listen closely to the feedback of the advertisers using Google products. To work closely with advertisers on what comes next, They launched Google Ad Innovations, where they’ll show you some of latest ideas around advertising technologies and get user feedback.


One of the new features they’re showcasing is a set of AdWords reports, launched last week, called Search Funnels. These reports can help an advertiser understand whether there are keywords in their accounts that are helping to drive sales at a later date. At Google Ad Innovations, you can read more about this feature, watch a video walking you through how it works and send us your ideas on how to improve it.


If you’re interested in the future of advertising with Google, pay Ad Innovations a visit


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