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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gmail Labs adds nested labels, better message previewing

New Gmail Lab

It's packed with slick additional functionality. Two new features have been made available that are definitely worth enabling:



  • Message Sneak Peek
  • Nested Labels



With Sneak Peek turned on, you can right-click a message in your inbox and a snapshot will appear above your inbox. The message remains unread, and you can page back and forth between other messages, archive, and delete from within the window.


Nested Labels is a dream come true for the organizational fiend. Set up new labels like so:

Home/Bills/Hush Money

...and your labels pane will display them in a hierarchical tree. You can then click the plus sign to expand and the minus sign to hide. It's an excellent way to get more labels placed into the limited amount of space provided by default.


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