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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Google counters your terrible spelling skills with better error correction


Everyone knows you can use Google as a way of correcting your bad spelling. Just put in a word that you're not sure about, and it will give you the familiar "Did you mean?" result. There's no need to be embarrassed, just click through and find what you meant to search for.


Well, now Google's going one step further with improved spelling correction. If it's absolutely sure you've miss typed the word, it'll skip "Did you mean?" and send you right to the correct search. This new auto-correct feature works in 31 languages!

Google has made some other search improvements too, such as using your location to add context to your search. For example, when someone in San Francisco searches for BART, Google will assume they mean Bay Area Rapid Transit, not someone named Bart.

If you really are searching for a name, Google has also gotten smarter about that. It corrects spelling based on the common words that people add to name searches. So, for example, if you searched for "Pritam Nayak blogger," Google would know that it's actually spelled "Pritam Nayak."


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