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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flickr Fixes Facebook Integration With Batch Uploads

Last month, social photo-sharing site Flickr finally added some long-awaited Facebook integration to its service, allowing users to simultaneously post photos on both Flickr and Facebook with one upload.


But there was a small problem with the way that the new feature was set up: it basically spammed your Facebook Wall with post after post about your new photos.

But, that problem has been fixed, reports Flickr.


For those users who uploaded more than one photo at a time, using the new Facebook integration feature made each and every new Flickr photo uploaded its own individual post on your Facebook Wall and friends' News Feed. After processing a big set of photos, your Facebook page would end up covered in nothing but Flickr posts. That issue has been fixed so that it now identities these multi-picture posts as batches.


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