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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Firefox 4 Gets WebM

webm-devpreview WebM, the open video standard introduced at Google's recent I/O developer conference, is now coming to Firefox 4.


According Mozilla, the key sticking point was making sure that the new WebM codec licensing was GPL-compatible, an open source licensing type which allows users to copy, modify and redistribute software free of charge as long as modifications made are shared with the community.


“The WebM video format is based on the VP8 video codec. It is an alternative to the H.264 codec, which is currently used by Apple to display video on the iPad and iPhone and is supported within Adobe's Flash player. One of the first sites to implement WebM, was, Google's own video property, YouTube. In addition to Google Chrome and now, Firefox, Microsoft too has also announced support for WebM in its upcoming Web browser.”


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