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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Internet Explorer 9!! HTML5 Video, Faster than Chrome, and much more…

Microsoft showed off hardware-accelerated HTML5 at the MIX10 keynote, and it's  impressive. Main points:

  • Full-screen, HD-encoded video on netbooks -- The keynote highlighted the dropped frames in Chrome, while IE9 rendered it fine -- made possible by the hardware decoder on the netbook.
  • Multiple HTML5 videos on one page? -- Then they scroll the page down... and there are two HTML5 videos playing full-screen, on the same document! Using only half the CPU (while Chrome used 100%). Can't see a reason you'd have two full-screen videos on the same page, but it leads into...
  • A richer, more animated Web -- the demo showed off a video carousel. Rather than the four icons at the top of the Download Squad page, you might see a carousel that rotates. Done entirely in HTML5; no Flash or Silverlight required.

The IE9 keynote has finished. Microsoft says they will be releasing a new Developer Preview in every 8 weeks.


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