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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


3G is the 3rd generation wireless telecommunication

technology is an advanced radio communication technology which provides high speed internet access and high quality mobile telephony. The technology enables simultaneous voice and non-voice data transfer. High speed digital packet switching networks are the source of the high speed offered by 3G. Compare to traditional circuit switching technology, packet switching better transmission bandwidth utilisation and hence higher data transfer rate.

  • Circuit switching involves dedicated link creation between two phones during a call leading to redundancies and high waiting time.
  • Packet switching data transmitting in the form of encrypted digital data packets through the least congested route/nodes reducing redundancy in the process.

Benefits' of 3G :-

  • Quality of text audio and video communication would improve through real-time supporting technology and real quality communication, enhance mobility and roaming, high quality email and internet.
  • Its enables heavy broadcast and data intensive service.
  • Its gives strong network security.

By : Amit Samantaray


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