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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Silverlight-Light up the web

Silverlight is a new tool from Microsoft which is used to build Rich Internet Application (RIA) and to enhance user’s web experience.

It is a Cross browser, cross platform plug-in that enables animation, audio video, for creating rich interactive applications on the web. It includes support for the Rich Media platform, enabling delivery of rich audio and video, vector graphics, and more.

Today the needs of web users are changing as everyone is looking out for more interactive and real kind of experience. Using Silverlight we can create RIA applications which are more interactive and gives much better experience.

Silverlight is a flexible programming model and compatible tools which helps in integration with existing Web technologies based on .NET Framework environment with role-based user interface tools for designers and developers.

We are adding here an AV visual so as to give you an experience of Silverlight. If you unable to view this please visit

Excited !!... please wait till the next post as i will be covering some of the very interesting aspects of Silverlight.


Madhu S


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