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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Computer Security : some people just don't take it seriously enough

Security software comparison across the globe are strictly working towards improving their software to battle hackers. Software giant Symantec corporation has released statistics which state that the majority of people-while aware of the need for security software-do not take serious action. Since many people are not tech-savvy, they prefer not to understand the dynamic of security software.
Tom Powledge, vice president of Symantec, told that 25% of computer users are mature, secure and concerned about security. However, 32% are completely seamless and automatic, for example digital families in which parents are concerned about their childrens' security online. A further 22% are aware of security but don't really care much about it. they prefer to accept whatever security software is bundled with their computer.Finally 21 percent are technically savvy enough to recommend technology products to people who are less aware.
Further consumers complain that security software is too heavy for their PCs; installation takes forever, and the software makes PC sluggish. "There is a perception that security software slows down the computer. And in past it's fair to say that this is true".

How computer users relate to security software::
22%--Accept anything
21%--Recommend to others
25%--Secure & Concern
32%--Ignorant And in need


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